Amazon Selling Horror Book About Killing “TERFs,” Features JK Rowling “Death”

One year after banning the sale of ‘gender critical’ book When Harry Became Sally, Amazon has listed a newly-released “LGBTQ Horror” novel, the plot of which is centered around trans-identified males graphically murdering feminists.

Written by trans-identified male Gretchen Felker-Martin, Manhunt follows the story of two trans-identified males attempting to navigate a post-apocalyptic wasteland in which anyone with high levels of testosterone turns into a zombie. The characters, having run out of synthetic estrogen, take to eating the testicles of the undead males in order to get their supply and to stave off the plague. Along the way, they hunt down women who are depicted as “TERF soldiers.”

The militant leader, or “Queen TERF,” is described with a reference to Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. MichFest was a women-only event that was targeted by a trans activist group. Two regular attendees, a lesbian couple and their adopted son, were killed in a triple homicide, and a trans-identified male named Dana Rivers is currently awaiting trial in a California women’s prison for their murder.

In his tweet, Felker-Martin alludes to the death of JK Rowling, which is treated as a point of entertainment for the trans characters. The “TERFs” are referred to as “the Knights of JK Rowling,” with the women participating in the brutalization and even sexual abuse of trans-identified males. There is a reference to the death of the Harry Potter author in allegory, with a “TERF” weapon called the Galbraith being violently destroyed.

The novel features egregious sexual themes, including an obvious fantasy by Felker-Martin in which the trans-identified males are made sex slaves called “daddies” for the “cis women.”

In one of the first chapters, one of the transgender protagonists gets an erection while attempting to kill one of the “TERFs.” The same character has repeated fantasies throughout the novel at imagining “TERFs” dressed in leather and acting as female dominatrixes.

Towards the end of the novel, Felker-Martin pens a particularly grotesque scene in which a Black woman is killed by having her womb removed while still conscious. The woman is verbally abused during the procedure.

The blatant violence, misogyny, and racism didn’t sit well even with pro-LGBT readers, with one who gave the book a 1-star review on GoodReads writing: “Was it really necessary to show a Black woman’s womb being removed by an amateur surgeon while she’s being called a c*nt and humiliated in front of her former comrades as she bleeds out and dies in utter degradation?”

Other reviews similarly took aim at the seemingly senseless violence towards women portrayed, with another stating: “Y’all want to worship this book because the main characters are trans but ignore the terrible writing, disgusting demonization of women, grotesque depictions of characters eating organs from zombified people’s bodies, and horrifying misogyny evident in just the first chapters available to preview.”

Capitalizing on themes of violence against women aren’t unfamiliar to Felker-Martin, who came to widespread criticism last year when he downplayed rape as an experience that’s not “uniquely horrible,” going on to proudly declare: “I’ve never written anything without at least one rape scene in it.”

Felker-Martin also wrote “I truly, sincerely believe art should have more rape in it.”

In a January interview with The Big Thrill, Felker-Martin clarifies his views on the feminists he refers to as “TERFs,” saying, “Essentially, if women are all the proverbial crabs in a bucket, TERFs are the ones making sure nobody gets out. They’re sick, evil, vicious people torturing other human beings for no real reason at all, and I wanted to splash that right across the page.”

In the acknowledgements, Felker-Martin credits trans-identified male author Torrey Peters as an inspiration. Peters’ novella Infect Your Friends and Loved Ones follows a similar premise as Manhunt: a trans-identified male creates a virus that prevents the body’s natural synthesis of hormones. Additionally, Peters has written extensively about “sissy porn,” a genre of pornography that involves men ostensibly being feminized against their will, with the loss of status and humiliation being a central source of arousal.

While Amazon has recently begun pulling “gender critical” books from its virtual store, citing violations of its appropriate content policy, it has continued to allow violent books such as Felker-Martin’s, as well as other highly disturbing works which border on written child sexual exploitation material.

Searches for transgender fiction turn up dozens of self-published ‘sissy’ erotic stories involving children. A common theme amongst them is the forced feminization of young boys, a subject also found in Manhunt, in which some male children are made to wear dresses in an effort to survive.

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Reduxx is your stop for pro-woman, pro-child safeguarding news and opinion that goes outside the mainstream narratives.