Birth of a Baby, Death of a Mother: A ‘Second Hand Victim’ of Surrogacy Speaks Out

Like most women who agree to become surrogates, Jaida’s mother was described as “giving” and “loving.” Jaida recalls that her mother was sympathetic to those struggling with infertility, always empathizing with family friends who couldn’t have children of their own. Having had easy pregnancies with her two biological children, she...

Single Sex Spaces For Survivors are Under Attack

Like all too many women, I am a survivor of sexual violence. As a child, I was tricked by a family friend into performing sex acts on him. I was trusting and naïve. At the time, I didn’t even know what sex was let alone sexual abuse. It was only...

OPINION: Refugee From Liberal Feminism

In preparation for my explant operation, I found solace in radical feminist literature. Little did I know, it was a step that would lead me towards being branded as 'transphobic' and excommunicated from the only spaces I'd ever known. The surgeon who initially fit me with my breast implants had...

OPINION: Reddit, Lesbianism, and The Erasure of Single-Sex Spaces

While feminist boards are censored on Reddit under the pretense of "transphobia," pornographic, anti-woman communities are allowed to persist without issue.

OPINION: How to Erase Male Violence, Lessons from Edna Mahan Women’s Facility

It was recently revealed that there are 27 convicted male transfers being housed in New Jersey’s only correctional facility for women, Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women (EMCFW). Among them is a sadistic trans-identified male serving a 50-year sentence for the brutal murder of a sex trafficked immigrant woman.