EXCLUSIVE: Trans Activist “Family Bloggers” Who Lived In Feces-Covered Home Arrested On Charges Of Endangering The Welfare Of Their Child

CONTENT NOTICE: This article contains graphic descriptions of child neglect involving human waste and may not be considered safe for work. Reader discretion is appreciated.

A trans-identified male and his wife have been accused of endangering the welfare of a child after their 10-year-old autistic son was reportedly found in “squalid” conditions. Robert Eugene Plummer, 45, who identifies as transgender and uses the name Kirstyn Piper, and his wife Amy Plummer, 46, were arrested in Ocean County, New Jersey on charges endangering the welfare of their young son.

Reduxx has obtained details of the disturbing incident from the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, revealing that the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP) was first contacted on December 8.

According to a sworn affidavit written by an Ocean County Detective, the DCPP was informed by a nurse at the child’s elementary school that there were “ongoing concerns” for the child’s hygiene and appearance.

DCPP workers went to the child’s residence, and observed horrifying conditions. They noted that the bathroom was “covered in feces” and that there were multiple Home Depot buckets placed around the residence, specifically in the hallway, filled with human waste.

From the affidavit provided to Reduxx from the OCPO.

DCPP deemed the residence was in “deplorable conditions,” and noted a number of other safety issues in the home. Police were then notified and the child was immediately removed from the home.

On December 11, a Detective with the Ocean County Police Department interviewed the child, who revealed that he had been living in those conditions for one year.

The child explained that the toilet did not flush, and his parents would simply wait for the toilet to fill with feces before scooping the waste out into buckets. He was unable to bathe because the bathtub was also full of feces, and had been getting bullied at school due to his poor hygiene.

Police then spoke with the child’s mother, Amy Plummer, who stated that there had been problems with the pipes in their home since March of 2022. She stated she would take the child to a nearby convenience store to defecate and wash when possible.

Amy explained she suffered from multiple physical disabilities, hindering her from walking too far, and had no income, preventing her from hiring a plumber.

She noted that the child’s father, a trans-identified male who uses the name “Kirstyn Piper” Plummer, had “taken control” of the issue and refused to seek help from anyone, the problem becoming increasingly worse over time.

In the affidavit, Kirstyn Piper, born Robert, is referred to using “she/her” pronouns. An arrest warrant shows Robert was classified as a “female.”

Following the interviews, Supervising Assistant Prosecutor Christine Lento approved charging both Amy and Kirstyn Piper with Endangering the Welfare of Children. The two were booked into the Ocean County Jail on December 12, and were released on December 19 pending trial.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, their next hearing is scheduled in March.

The Plummers are vocal trans activists and have frequently posted to social media about their support for gender identity ideology and “LGBTQ+ issues.” Their foray into activism appears to have begun after Robert began identifying as a “lesbian woman” sometime in 2020.

Instagram posts made by Robert via his photography business use hashtags such as #lesbianpride, #transpride, #transgirl, and #savetranskids. Robert also appears to have produced and sold stickers and merchandise featuring the slogan “protect trans kids.” In some photos, his son is seen wearing a shirt reading “I Love My Two Mommies.”

A sticker designed by the Plummers.

The couple also had been running a blog, which has since been deleted, where they had posted about raising their son, who was diagnosed with autism in 2016.

Reduxx is withholding the information on both the Plummer’s blog and Robert’s social media accounts in order to protect the dignity and privacy of the child involved.

In February of 2023, Robert penned a blog entry about the importance of exposing children to “LGBTQ+ issues and transgender rights” from an early age.

“As caregivers, it’s our responsibility to provide a safe and inclusive environment for our children, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. By exposing them to diverse perspectives and experiences, we can help them understand and appreciate the unique struggles that people from different communities face,” Robert wrote.

“Introducing our children to LGBTQ+ issues and transgender rights can also help break down harmful stereotypes and stigmas that may exist in society. Normalizing conversations around these topics can create a more accepting and compassionate world for all individuals.”

Robert Plummer.

Photos and videos uploaded to Robert’s various social media accounts indicate that he and his wife Amy had taken their son to LGBT-themed events on multiple occasions.

Disturbingly, Reduxx also discovered that Robert had been following an account on X that publishes “age regression” transgender fiction.

The account, @darkkitten123, bears the name “Ashleigh McGregor,” and links to a Patreon page where two individuals, at least one of whom is a trans-identified male, self-publish fictional stories about little boys being transformed into girls.

A significant portion of stories written by “Dark Kitten” incorporate adolescent and preteen characters, as well as themes of furrydom. The style follows a format for a genre known as “sissification,” in which the intended male audience finds erotic pleasure in the humiliation of a boy or adult man being forced to dress or behave in a stereotypical feminine manner.

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