“Genderfluid” Nuclear Hire Charged With Felony in SECOND Luggage Theft Incident

The “genderfluid” U.S. Department of Energy official who made headlines last week after being accused of stealing a woman’s luggage at a Minneapolis airport has now been charged in a second incident of luggage theft in Las Vegas.

Sam Brinton, the deputy assistant secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition at the Office of Nuclear Energy, has been charged with grand larceny with a value between $1,200 and $5,000, according to 8 News Now.

Sam Brinton / LINKEDIN

The charges relate to an alleged incident of luggage theft occurring at Las Vegas’ Harry Reid International Airport. The news comes just one week after it was revealed Brinton had been charged for a similar incident in Minnesota related to the theft of a woman’s suitcase at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in September.

Investigators contacted Brinton in October after reviewing security camera footage which showed him using the woman’s luggage, which was worth over $2,000, after it had been snatched from the carousel.

“If I had taken the wrong bag, I am happy to return it, but I don’t have any clothes for another individual. That was my clothes when I opened the bag,” he told police at the time.

He reportedly contacted authorities two hours later and apologized for not being “completely honest,” before admitting he took the woman’s suitcase. Brinton was instructed to return the luggage on October 9, but after failing to do so, charges were filed on October 27.

Brinton, who identifies as genderfluid and uses they/them pronouns, was quietly shuffled into his post at the Office of Nuclear Energy in January, but rapidly raised eyebrows after his history in the “kink lifestyle” began to circulate publicly.

In 2016, Brinton was profiled by Metro Weekly in a piece called Puppy Love. Brinton was photographed with his leather “pup,” another adult male who was photographed with what appeared to be an anal plug “tail.”

Brinton and “Nubi,” featured in Metro Weekly.

In the article, Brinton is one of many fetishists interviewed on his experience in the leather pup lifestyle. He is quoted as describing his relationship with “Nubi,” his human dog.

“I can hear when Pup needs something faster, because of the difference in the grunts or the moans,” Brinton said. “I actually have trouble when we transition from pup play to having sex. Like, ‘No, I can’t have you whimper like that when we’re having sex,’ because I don’t want to mix that world. It’s interesting, because he doesn’t have to come out of pup mode to have me f*ck him.”

According to the National Pulse, Brinton has also given lectures at Universities on LGBTQ kink and BDSM.

An archived article from The Polytechnic, the campus newspaper of the Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, reveals Brinton gave a kink seminar there in 2017. The lecture was titled “Ropes, Whips, & Kinks, Oh My!!” The Polytechnic notes that Brinton discussed various sexual fetishes, including adult babies, diaper play, humiliation, degradation, and more. He also reviewed “how to safely choke [a] partner” and demonstrated various rope bondage techniques on students.

In addition to his kink advocacy, Brinton is also a drag queen who goes by the stage name Sister Ray Dee O’Active. Though his career in LGBTQ activism spans a decade, questions are being raised about the details Brinton has given about his past.

Criticism of Brinton’s narrative of having been a victim of “conversion therapy” was recently explored in LGBTQ Nation, with the author concluding that “the red flags regarding Brinton were overwhelming and obvious to all who cared to see them.”

In 2020, Brinton spoke at an LGBTQ+ event hosted by two Emerson College organizations, during which he claimed minors should not be challenged on their gender identity, stating: “When you question our gender identity or our sexual orientation, you are literally questioning whether you should exist. That’s how you get really young youths potentially considering suicide.”

Academic research suggests a correlation between theft and an escalation in crime, particularly in cases which involve a sexual component.

A 2013 paper published by the Department of Psychology at Ryerson University, Toronto, investigated 82 instances of “fetish burglary,” which is defined as the sexually motivated theft of another individual’s personal belongings – especially women’s clothing and undergarments.

“Criminal history narrative studies reveal an escalation in sexual offender behaviour from non-contact to contact offending, with an ever-increasing likelihood of sexual violence and homicide. In particular, researchers have found that sexual offenders often have a history of committing burglaries prior to contact offences,” reads the paper’s abstract.

The study’s authors note that prior research highlighted a connection between fetish burglaries, sexual violence, and transvestism – a sexual fetish most often associated with men who experience arousal at wearing “women’s” clothing.

“In an early study by Revitch (1978), transvestism was found to be associated with fetish burglaries. Later, in a sample of 52 serial sexual homicides, Schlesinger and Revitch (1999) found that over a third of the sexual murderers had prior convictions for burglary. In those cases, the theft of fetishistic objects was found to be directly related to escalation to obtain (more of) the object and then, although less frequently, to assault or murder the female.”

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