Man Who Recently Began Identifying As A “Woman” Charged In The Stabbing Death Of His Mother And Her Beloved Dog

A trans-identified male is in custody following the horrific stabbing death of both his mother and her beloved dog. Andre Eugene, who reportedly identifies as a “woman,” is facing charges of murder in the second degree and aggravated cruelty to animals.

Eugene’s mother, Donna Marie Hyman, was found dead in her Brooklyn apartment on January 19 after police were called by Hyman’s sister. The woman says she had received a call from Hyman, but when she answered could only hear blood-curdling screams.

Hyman was found “lying lifeless on the floor” and had been stabbed over 50 times in the head and chest. The corpse of Hyman’s mini poodle, Gigi, was found outside of the building, having apparently been stabbed and thrown from the 11th floor.

According to court records, police officers found Eugene “naked and covered in blood” in the building’s lobby. Despite the obvious indications of foul play, Eugene reportedly attempted to claim that Hyman had died by suicide and that Gigi had fallen from the balcony by accident.

Eugene was later treated for stab wounds that were suspected to be self-inflicted, as well as a dog bite.

Eugene worked as a paraprofessional with kindergarten-aged students at the Henry D. Woodworth School in Brooklyn. At the time of this writing, his name still appears on the staff roster for the school.

From the staff list at Henry D. Woodworth.

Following Eugene’s arrest, there were some discrepancies in the way in which the crime was reported. While most media outlets correctly referred to Eugene as Hyman’s son, information was later released by police which indicated that Eugene identified as a transgender “woman.”

While it is unclear when Eugene began to transition, multiple early photos of him and his mother posted to her Facebook show him with a masculine appearance. Comments under photos featuring Eugene all suggest he was well-liked by friends and family.

Eugene with family members. Source: Donna Hyman / FACEBOOK.

Though Eugene’s gender identity is not mentioned anywhere on Hyman’s Facebook where she often shared photos of her family and friends, two photos of Gigi, her poodle, were posted that suggest Hyman was in favor of LGBT causes. In one, Gigi is seen with a Gay Pride Month banner. In another, the dog is centered in an Human Rights Campaign photo frame that says “Fighting For Transgender Justice.”

Eugene is currently being held at the Eric M. Tyler Center on Rikers Island, a facility that houses male adults and adolescents. His intake information lists his sex as “male.”

There have been multiple incidents involving trans-identified males murdering their parent or parents in recent years.

In December of 2022, Nikki Secondino, a trans-identified male Instagram influencer, fatally stabbed his father and severely injured his sister while on a violent rampage over a laptop. Secondino gave a chilling confession to police after being arrested, revealing that he had first bludgeoned his father’s head with a hammer and then stabbed him with a knife. He then stabbed his sister when she attempted to intervene.

Months later, a trans-identified male in Virginia Beach was arrested and charged with the murder of his father. As previously reported by Reduxx, Michael Aaron Horwitz, 34, stabbed Dr. Abbey Horwitz to death at his home for reasons which are still unclear. Horwitz is being held at the Virginia Beach Jail awaiting trial.

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Reduxx is your stop for pro-woman, pro-child safeguarding news and opinion that goes outside the mainstream narratives.

Reduxx Team
Reduxx Team
Reduxx is your stop for pro-woman, pro-child safeguarding news and opinion that goes outside the mainstream narratives.