NEW ZEALAND: Trans Activist Charged With Assault After Attacking Women’s Rights Campaigner

The trans activist who threw tomato juice on a women’s rights campaigner during a free speech event in Auckland has been charged with common assault and appears to be fleeing from New Zealand authorities as a result.

Eliana Rubashkyn, also known as Eliana Golberstein and Eliana Rubinstein, is a male who identifies as transgender and intersex and uses “they/them” pronouns. On March 25, Rubashkyn attacked women’s rights campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen during what was supposed to be a peaceful women’s rights demonstration.

Keen, also known by her moniker Posie Parker, had arranged for a speaking tour of New Zealand centered around giving women the platform to express their thoughts on gender ideology. But she was forced to cut the tour short after being met with extreme aggression at her first stop in Auckland at Albert Park.

As Keen approached the bandstand in the park, where she was set to speak to a crowd of approximately 200 supporters, Rubashkyn dumped a liter of tomato juice onto her and her security detail. Videos of the incident have since circulated on social media, and Rubashkyn told a local news station that he was able to approach Keen because he lied about his identity and pretended to be a supporter of hers.

Following the event, Rubashkyn gave an interview where he claimed that he targeted Keen because “her words are blood because they are killing our people.” He continued: “That tomato juice represents the blood of the people she is trying to kill.”

Rubashkyn also addressed the crowd after Keen was escorted away from the park by police, and stated that he wanted Keen to be “full of blood … because she’s advocating for our genocide.”

Information on Rubashkyn’s charge was first reported by Newsable, which received a statement from Rubashkyn where he again claimed the assault and suggested he was comfortable facing justice.

“I did assault her and I will do it again,” he said. “And if I need to be 10 years in prison I’m happy to be 10 years in prison.”

But despite his words, Rubashkyn fled New Zealand shortly after being made aware that police were planning on issuing a warrant for his arrest on charges of assault.

His latest travel-related post suggests he has now left Australia and is en route to the United States.

A fundraiser has been launched to support Rubashkyn, citing support for a legal defense fund as well as “personal security needs.” It has since raised just over $1,300 as of the writing of this article. The fundraising campaign is currently under review by GiveALittle, and some on social media have noted it is likely against the platform’s terms of service to be fundraising for a known fugitive.

Rubashkyn is originally Jewish-Ukrainian from Colombia, but currently lives in New Zealand. He has worked with the UN and as a Program Officer at ILGA World (the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association). Much of his origin story and gender identity has come into question after a March 28 Twitter space wherein Rubashkyn appeared incoherent at times while addressing a live audience for almost 8 continuous hours.

During the space, Rubashkyn made a number of anti-lesbian, racist, sexist, and violent remarks, including that trans-identified males were the “first victims” of the Holocaust.

“Trans women were the first victims of Nazism. Trans women were killed before the Jews were sent to concentration camps,” he said, continuing: “In the 1930s, Nazis relied on TERFs to promote hate… TERFs became holders of concentration camps for females. TERFs were quite instrumental in the system that the Nazis built for making more babies… to keep Nazi Germany growing.”

Rubashkyn claims to be Jewish and says he can speak fluent Hebrew, but seemed to be unable to understand a Hebrew speaker who challenged him on his assertion.

In addition to the marathon space, Rubashkyn also uploaded a video to his Twitter account in which he was seen sobbing while claiming there was a “trans genocide” occurring, and that “Nazis” were trying to murder him.

“I am so full of joy because I am trans, but I am so scared because they want to kill me. The Nazis, they are– they just really want to get you.”

The March 25 event was part of an international Let Women Speak tour hosted by British women’s rights campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen. Keen has hosted rallies across the UK, USA, and Australia encouraging women to use her platform to speak about how gender ideology has impacted their lives.

While Keen’s events are often met with hostility, the New Zealand rally descended into violence so rapidly that it had to be cancelled before it could even begin.

As she arrived at the Albert Park venue, Keen went live on her YouTube channel as she usually does to provide her supporters updates from the event. 

Immediately, the scene was chaotic as police did not appear to be present. Those watching from a distance through the YouTube stream were able to see Keen being led by her security though a braying crowd of trans activists. Once she managed to make it to the stage, Keen could immediately be heard expressing concerns about the lack of police presence. 

Keen and her supporters were quickly surrounded by an increasingly aggressive mob of trans protestors. The activists broke through established barriers, and didn’t take long before the decision was made to cancel the event and leave for the safety of all involved.

In addition to Keen having been assaulted by Rubashkyn, an elderly woman who had attended the demonstration in support of Keen was battered in the face by a male trans activist.

The woman, who is said to be in her 70s, was left with a darkly blackened eye after being both head-butted and punched in the face. Videos of the assault went viral on Twitter as multiple angles of the altercation between the elderly woman and the male trans activist began to leak in the aftermath of the rally.

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