SCOTLAND: Trans-Identified Pedophile Sent to Women’s Prison Following Release Violation

A serial child sex offender is back behind bars after violating the conditions of his sex offender registration. Katie Dolatowski, 22, has been sent to a women’s institution to serve his 4-month sentence.

Dolatowski has a long history of sex attacks on young girls in public facilities. In 2018, he was discovered secretly filming a 12-year-old girl in a women’s bathroom at an Asda supermarket in Dunfermline, Scotland. The child had been in a partial state of undress at the time she noticed a camera being held over the partition of her cubicle.

The girl cried out for help and ran away. The supermarket’s CCTV footage was used to identify Dolatowski, and upon further investigation, 12 seconds of film of the girl were found on his mobile phone and iPad.

Dolatowski, who stands nearly 6’5, was spared prison at the time, and, the following month, he targeted another young girl for sexual assault in the restroom of a Morrisons supermarket in Kircaldy, Fife.

Dolatowski had grabbed a 10-year-old girl by the face and pushed her into a cubicle, ordering the child to remove her trousers. During the assault, Dolatowski also threatened to murder the child’s mother in an attempt to frighten her into compliance. However, the young girl struck out in self-defense, landing some blows against Dolatowski, and was able to break free and run for her parents.

Despite his two attacks on children, Dolatowski was handed a three-year community order in lieu of a prison sentence. He was also banned from having contact with children, placed on the sex offender registry, and ordered to complete community service.

But in January of 2021, Dolatowski was placed in custody for an assault that occurred while he was staying at accommodations in the community. Dolatowski was sent to The Polmont Young Offenders institution, which houses male juveniles. While incarcerated there, Dolatowski reportedly committed a physical assault on another inmate.

Just weeks later, Dolatowski was released and re-entered the community. This year, he became the subject of an incident involving a women’s crisis shelter in Leeds.

It was revealed that Dolatowski had stayed at the refuge, which houses vulnerable women and children, for 71 days prior to the staff learning about his criminal history and removing him in September. Dolatowski had used a false alias to gain entry.

The next month, Dolatowski was ousted from a public housing estate on the night of October 19 after enraged neighbors became aware of his past crimes. Dolatowski had taken up shelter at the estate following his removal from the Women’s Aid refuge.

Concerned for the families with young children that lived in the estate, a crowd gathered outside of the property and demanded his expulsion. A phone recording taken by a bystander showed a large number of police officers present, removing Dolatowski and unidentified others from the residence.

Dolatowski had not informed police he was living at the estate, in violation of his sex offender registration requirements.

While he was not immediately imprisoned and instead given a restriction of liberty order, he was quickly found to be in violation of his curfew and was ultimately handed a four-month prison sentence at the start of November for the infraction.

Dolatowski is currently incarcerated at an institution for female offenders. This is despite the fact the court was aware that Dolatowski had violently assaulted a male inmate while incarcerated at Polmont in 2021.

Cornton Vale, the prison where Dolatowski is currently serving his sentence, is a Scottish national facility for both remanded and convicted female prisoners. It is designed to hold a maximum of 119 women, and has a separate Mother and Baby Unit with 7 spaces.

Dolatowski has yet to be sentenced for the assault he committed in Polmont last year, but pleaded guilty to the violent act in court this week.

Defending Dolatowski, solicitor Kelly Howe referenced her client’s transgender identity and its impact on his emotional state, citing it as the critical reason for his violent behavior.

As reported in the Courier, Howe is quoted as stating: “She identifies as female but notwithstanding that, she had been placed in the male prison population at Polmont and the court can probably anticipate the difficulties that caused her.”

Howe continued to explain that Dolatowski was “targeted for quite some time” prior to his aggressive attack against the other inmate, and had taken it upon himself to “…try to stand up for herself about something that had been said to her the previous evening.”

The presiding Sheriff appeared to agree that there were “complexities” in Dolatowski’s circumstances, and noted that they would be taken into consideration “before deciding if custody is the only appropriate disposal here.”

Dolatowski will return to court for sentencing for the Polmont assault on January 12, following the submission of a criminal justice social work report.

Despite Dolatowski’s repeated acts of violence against women and girls, UK media outlets have chosen to refer to Dolatowski as a “woman” and utilize feminine pronouns for him.

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Yuliah Alma
Yuliah Alma
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