Trans Activist Drag Queen Standing Trial For 2019 Grooming, Sexual Abuse Of A Minor

A trans activist drag queen is standing trial for 2019 charges related to the sexual abuse of a teen boy he met through gay hookup app Grindr. Dwight Evan Chisholm, also known as “Sno Wight,” was already a lifetime entrant of the sex offender registry when he began grooming the boy.

As previously reported by Reduxx, Chisolm was initially convicted in 2011 on charges of sexually assaulting a child and sentenced to three years in prison in Brown County.

Upon his release in 2015, Chisolm was listed in official records as homeless and was therefore ordered to report his whereabouts to authorities on a weekly basis. But two years later, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections lost contact with Chisolm, who had stopped making the mandatory weekly declarations of his location. For the following year and a half, authorities were unable to locate him. 

In December of 2018, the state’s District Attorney’s office charged Chisolm with failure to provide information as a sex offender and a judge signed a warrant for his arrest.

In 2019, Chisolm was again arrested and charged on 8 counts related to the sexual abuse of a 17-year-old boy he met on Grindr — a gay hookup app. According to court records obtained by Reduxx, Chisolm used Grindr and Snapchat to communicate with the boy, and had lied about his own age in an apparent effort to instill a sense of trust.

The teen told authorities he had twice met up with Chisolm, with whom he was sexually abused in the garage of a property on Green Bay’s east side, which had been listed as Chisolm’s residence. The property was located across the street from Green Bay East High School.

For his sexual abuse of the boy, Chisolm was charged with a number of offenses including exposing his genitals to a child, enticement of a child, and sexual intercourse with a child.

The charges filed in 2019.

Chisolm was bonded out pending trial in 2021 and was given strict conditions not to have any unsupervised contact with minors.

But in 2023, Chisolm was once again arrested after law enforcement learned that he had been volunteering at Wolves Cave Studio in Green Bay where he had been teaching dance to children using the monikers “Coach Sno” and “Sno Wight.” 

At the time, local news reported that the owner of the studio confirmed that Chisolm had been volunteering there, but declined to be named. The owner told NBC 26 that she had been unaware of Chisolm’s history of sexually abusing minors and, because he was not a paid employee, had not thought to perform a background check.

As previously revealed by Reduxx, Chisolm had been operating two Facebook profiles under the name “Sno Wight” where he was seen advertising his dance classes for boys and girls aged 6 to 19. The promotional image contained photos of young girls in suggestive poses.

On both profiles, Chisolm had posted videos of children performing drag.

Despite being a registered sex offender, Chisolm had managed to gain some notoriety in Green Bay’s LGBT activist community in the two-year period he was free on bond.

In one video uploaded to his social media, he was seen dancing on a stage at an unspecified bar, wearing a long blonde wig. The event was part of a series of festivities associated with Pride Alive, an LGBT organization which was promoted by the Human Rights Campaign. In photos uploaded to the group’s Facebook page, children can be seen attending drag shows and handing money to the adult performers.

Another video of Chisolm available on his TikTok profile shows him appearing to threaten anyone who uses “the wrong pronouns” to address him. He has also shared a video wherein he twerks in his underwear, which is captioned: “It doesn’t matter what’s between my legs, I’m still a woman.”

In a series of videos posted in December last year, Chisolm rails against “black people discriminating against the LGBT community.” 

“I don’t tolerate discrimination. I don’t tolerate hate. You will accept me and love me for who I am. All I do is bleed love and grace. It is you who make me the monster, it is you who make me angry,” Chisolm threatens. “I am a very loving and caring person, but when it comes to discrimination, I will spit in your motherf*cking face, b*tch.”

According to court records, Chisolm attempted to be removed from the sex offender registry in 2021 while awaiting a hearing on his 2019 charges, but the motion was denied. 

Around this time, he was invited to perform drag at the Tarlton Theater to commemorate the Trans Day of Remembrance as part of a troupe called Divaluscious. Photos shared to Chisolm’s Facebook account show him holding a transgender pride flag while standing outside of the building. For his advocacy, he was given a platform and interviewed on ABC 2.

Department of Corrections records show that Chisolm has been in custody since his re-arrest in 2023.

On February 7, Chisolm was convicted of working with children as a registered sex offender, and was sent to the Doge Correctional Institution to serve his sentence. His case related to the 2019 sexual abuse of the teen boy is still moving through the court system, and Chisolm is occasionally shuttled back to Brown County Jail to attend hearings at the Brown County Courthouse.

He was most recently booked into the Brown County Jail for a hearing on March 21, and will be returned to Brown County Jail again on July 2.

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Anna Slatz

Anna is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Reduxx, with a journalistic focus on covering crime, child predators, and women's rights. She lives in Canada, enjoys Opera, and kvetches in her spare time.

Anna Slatz
Anna Slatz
Anna is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Reduxx, with a journalistic focus on covering crime, child predators, and women's rights. She lives in Canada, enjoys Opera, and kvetches in her spare time.