Violent Trans-Identified Male Stands Trial For Threatening to Rape, Murder Mother

**This story contains some details readers may find disturbing, discretion is advised**

A notorious Irish criminal is standing trial after threatening to sexually assault and murder his mother and an employee at the psychiatric hospital he had been detained within.

Barbie Kardashian, born Alejandro Gentile, has pleaded not guilty to a total of 11 counts of threatening to kill or cause serious harm to two individuals while in Coovagh House, a special care unit for 11 to 17-year-olds within a psychiatric hospital in Limerick.

At the trial which opened on Wednesday, the former Deputy Social Care Manager from Coovagh House took the stand to testify, outlining that on multiple occasions in 2020, Kardashian had expressed a desire to rape and murder his mother.

“[He] clearly expressed [he] wanted to track her down, identify where she lived and kill her – to murder and rape her,” the witness stated, continuing that on a separate occasion, Kardashian “expressed a clear desire to rape and mutilate [his] mother’s genitals.”

The witness also noted: “It was a clear desire to murder [his] mother, [he] had a plan to do so and was frustrated that [he] no longer knew where [his] mother lives.”

Kardashian, 20, came under widespread notoriety in September 2020 after it was discovered he was being housed in the women’s section of Limerick Prison after being arrested for uttering the rape and murder threats he is now standing trial for.

Kardashian was the victim of sustained childhood abuse at the hands of his father, who also directed depraved abuses at his mother.

As a child, Kardashian’s father had prevented his mother from breastfeeding or holding him when he cried. The father physically and emotionally abused him throughout childhood, but eventually recruited him to join in the abuse of his mother.

In 2010, Kardashian’s mother fled with him to a domestic violence refuge. Aged 8 at the time, Kardashian would be taken into special care just two years later after carrying out a brutal attack against his mother. She was forced to move to another part of the country as Kardashian continued to express plots to rape and murder her.

Barbie Kardashian from a 2020 Police Bulletin.

While in care, Kardashian displayed “sexualized” and violent behavior towards female staff.

According to court documents from 2018, at 13 years old, Kardashian attacked the female driver who had been transporting him from court after appearing on a bench warrant. Without warning, Kardashian grabbed the woman from the backseat, tearing off her eyelids and ripping out clumps of her hair.

Kardashian expressed regret at having failed to kill the victim, telling Gardaí – the Irish national police – that it had been “music to [his] ears to hear [the care worker] scream and cry.”

In 2019, Kardashian failed to appeal the special care order, but was released in 2020 after turning 18 and aging out of the secure care unit for children he had been held in.

At the time, Gardaí issued a nationwide alert to members of the public to a “homicidal teenage girl” that was set to be enter the community, failing to mention Kardashian had changed his legal gender marker just weeks before he was set to be released and was not a biological female.

Despite the fact Guardaí were attempting to warn the public of Kardashian, Irish news outlets reporting accurate details on his appearance, sex, and history were censored. Gript Magazine, an independent Irish outlet, was forced to remove an article describing Kardashian as male.

Kardashian’s trial for the 2020 threats against his mother and the Coovagh House care staff member will continue this week, and a jury of six women and six men were sworn on Tuesday.

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Anna Slatz
Anna Slatz
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