Trans-Identified Male Who Threatened To Kill, Rape Children Indicted Following School Shooting Plot

Content Notice: This article contains direct quotes from federal indictment documents including themes of child sexual abuse, child sexualization, and child murder. Some may find the text disturbing. Reader discretion is appreciated.

A trans-identified male has been indicted on 14 felony counts following sinister threats to commit a school shooting and murder children “on behalf” of the transgender community. Alexia Willie, born Jason Lee Willie, also promised to rape young girls in public restrooms in retaliation for transphobia.

As previously reported by Reduxx, Willie was arrested on August 14 in Perry County, Illinois, after the Springfield-area FBI intercepted a live-stream on social media they deemed “suspicious.”

In the stream, an individual later identified as Willie was seen making a number of disturbing threats towards schools and local children, specifically indicating there were plots in-progress to commit a school shooting, though no single institution was named.

Court records filed on November 7 now reveal the extent of the threats Willie had made during the livestream, wherein he threatened to rape young girls in bathroom facilities in addition to carrying out a copy-cat killing of the horrific March shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. During that incident, a trans-identified female left 6 dead, 3 of whom were children aged 9, in an act of brutality that left the nation stunned.

“A person in Tennessee walked into one of your schools and shot up a bunch of your Christian daughters. That’s not the last of them if you don’t shut your fucking mouth. Shut the fuck up out here, you understand me?” Willie said.

“There’s a lot of transgenders out here that are tired of being picked on and we’re going to go into the schools and we’re going to kill their fucking children out here, and that’s the end of it. We’re at war.”

In another expletive-filled monologue, Willie also claimed to be a “pedophile” with intentions to sexually abuse young girls.

“I’m in the bathroom feeling your little girls’ pussies. I love feeling on your little girls’ pussies. You can’t do nothing about it. I don’t care. I’m openly a pedophile. You guys can’t do nothing about us. You can cry. Put me on national television, I don’t care,” Willie boasted.

From the indictment of Alexia Willie.

“I’m transgender, I’m in the bathroom raping your fucking daughters and I’m openly letting you guys know this. The Republican Party, what are you faggots going to do about us? Be the fucking men you think you are and step up. But you won’t, because you’re faggots, and you’re weak, and you’re pussies,” he continued.

“We will fuck your daughters in that bathroom, I guarantee it. We will fuck your children up out here, we are gonna fuck ’em up [laughs], and you can’t do shit about it… I promise you, I catch your daughters in them bathrooms alone… I am gonna fucking fuck ’em until they’re dead. I’m gonna ravage them. I’m gonna reach inside their coochies and I’m gonna pull their intestines out… You think you are alpha men, you are beta bitches,” Willie said.

In further comments made by Willie during the live-stream, he threatened to infect “your women with HIV in the restroom… with a needle,” while apparently speaking to an unnamed individual who he repeatedly addressed with racial slurs.

Several other statements denigrating “the blacks” were cited in the indictment, with Willie utilizing a number of racial slurs to address African Americans. He specifically mentioned comedian Dave Chappelle, who has made jokes about some aspects of the transgender movement.

“Listen, Dave Chappelle and all the blacks out here, all the black people out here talking about trannies and shit, they’re no different than the white supremacists, either.”

Willie also labeled “transphobic Christian trash” as “white supremacists.”

While Willie had initially been arrested in August by Perry County law enforcement, he was released less than 48 hours after being detained on a $0 bond. Speaking to Reduxx in October, Perry County Sheriff Chad Howard explained that local prosecutors had a difficult time laying charges.

Though he was initially charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, Sheriff Howard said the charges related to the threats against the schools were dropped due to a lack of specific target.

“Because there was no one individual person or individual school directly threatened, the disorderly conduct did not stick. It was not capable of being filed,” he said. Sheriff Howard also noted that he anticipated that the remaining resisting arrest charge would result in a simple fine.

“It’s more or less going to end up going to be a hearing. Now with the state of Illinois having the SAFE-T Act, which went into effect on September 18, those types of crimes are no longer containable. You just bring [a suspect] in for booking, processing, and biometrics and then you release them with a court date and it is all handled by the courts from there on out,” he said.

At the time, Sheriff Howard was unaware of any additional action pending against Willie, making the November 7 indictment a surprise move by federal prosecutors. Willie has now been charged with 14 felony counts of Interstate Communication of a Threat to Injure.

Willie has been placed under arrest and is in the custody of the US Marshall Service. A trial has been set for January 16 at a courthouse in Benton, Illinois, where Willie will be represented by a public defender.

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