UK: Transgender Pedophile Who Identifies As a 5-Year-Old Girl Sentenced To 16 Months In Prison

A thumb-sucking pedophile from Chatham, England, has been ordered to serve 16 months in prison for breaching his sexual harm prevention order (SHPO). Janiel Verainer, who has had a SHPO since 2016 after kissing a minor, was required to disclose all devices with internet access to police but failed to do so.

According to KentOnline, Verainer, who identifies as a 5-year-old girl named Jorven Seren, had limited access to adult content but was barred from owning or using electronics with internet access that had not been registered with law enforcement.

The undisclosed phone was reportedly discovered in what is referred to as a “Hello Kitty bedroom” during a surprise routine “offender management check” at a home in Rochester last November.

In addition to the jury hearing from the 63-year-old’s caretaker and partner Paul Hart, who testified “clutching a Hello Kitty soft toy and sucking on a baby’s pink dummy,” Verainer asked the court to refer to him with female pronouns and sat sucking his thumb while wearing a sweater featuring the phrase “I am mentally 3-7 years.”

During the proceedings, Hart explained that while he had seen Verainer using a Samsung phone, he was confident he was only messaging adults.

“I thought I could trust her. She was only using it to do her music, eBay, and she had a Facebook account. I knew 100% [that] she was definitely messaging adults… She showed me she was messaging an adult on Facebook Messenger,” Hart said, referring to Verainer with feminine pronouns.

Although Verainer, who has previously been found in possession of child sexual abuse materials (CSAM), has “no underlying mental health disorder, learning difficulty or brain injury,” a psychiatric report noted that his wish to be formally diagnosed with made-up illnesses such as adult-child syndrome is likely a result of either “a life choice or a manifestation of extremely poor coping skills.”

As a result of breaching court orders, the court ruled that Verainer must serve 16 months in prison. Since his arrest on May 8, he has been held on remand at HM Prison Elmley, a men’s prison in Kent.

“It is plain you are someone who has difficulty coping with adult life but as the psychiatrist makes plain, there is no underlying psychiatric disorder,” explained Recorder James Lofthouse. “You recognize you breached this order and that you cannot access the internet in this way which, for someone else, would be innocent activity.”

He continued: “You need to be aware that the SHPO and sex offender requirements you are subject to remain in force. Further breaches will only and inevitably lead to ever longer sentences. The onus is on you to ensure that doesn’t happen.”

As previously reported by Reduxx, police first discovered Varainer with CSAM in 2016 after police launched an investigation into him for kissing a female child. As a result, he was given a SHPO and was sentenced to 15 months in jail.

Disturbingly, in 2019 Verainer, who was seen sporting pig-tails and sucking on a pacifier at previous court appearances, was caught hanging around two small children at a public gathering, one of whom he kissed on the lips.

Court proceedings commenced in December of 2021, which the pedophile attended wearing an elf costume. Although he was instructed to carry out “20 rehabilitation days with the probation service,” Verainer was able to avoid jail time after being “handed a seven-month jail term suspended for 18 months.”

Throughout the trial, the court referred to Verainer with she/her pronouns.

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Natasha Biase

Natasha is a Toronto-based commentator and video creator for Reduxx. Her passions include her pug Pepe, fighting the culture wars, and preserving female sports and spaces.

Natasha Biase
Natasha Biase
Natasha is a Toronto-based commentator and video creator for Reduxx. Her passions include her pug Pepe, fighting the culture wars, and preserving female sports and spaces.