BRAZIL: Trans-Identified Male Assaults Teen Girls For Advocating for Single-Sex Bathrooms

A video out of Brazil showing a trans-identified male student assaulting two female classmates is going viral, with the attack reportedly taking place following the girls expressing concern about males being able to access the female washrooms within the school.

The disturbing video depicting the attack, which took place at Colégio Instituto de Educação in Maringá, Brazil, has been viewed over 200,000 times as of this article’s writing. While the footage has been blurred to protect the juvenile’s identities, the incident is said to have taken place on July 7.

The “non-binary trans” identified male student and his friend had approached the two female students while they were waiting at the bus stop after class, allegedly to confront them over their advocacy against mixed-sex facilities at the school.

The two trans activists then began assaulting the girls. In one shot, a female student can be seen getting pushed to the ground. Her friend appears to attempt to help her, but is grabbed by the hair and pulled to the side. Shortly after, she is seen being hit in the head repeatedly while she is doubled-over. While the clip on Twitter was edited for length, in a longer video of the same incident uploaded to Facebook, the trans-identified male student can be heard saying: “Next time you’re transphobic, I’ll break your bones!”

One of the assailants also calls the girl a sexist slur, while onlookers excitedly yell to record the attack.

All of the students involved in the incident are 17 years-old and in their third-year of high school, according to local outlet RIC Mais. The family of the girl who was assaulted told press that she and her friend had been complaining to school administrators about boys being allowed to use the female restrooms and petitioning their classmates to speak up on the policy. Their campaign to end mix-sex washrooms was allegedly being discussed by administrators, who were suggesting allowing students to take a vote.

A police report has been registered by the family of one of the teen girls who were assaulted. Media reports indicate that the girls are now afraid to attend classes and at least one of the two victims is considering transferring to another high school.

Disturbingly, a very similar incident occurred at another Brazilian school just last year.

In November of 2021, footage was uploaded to Twitter showing the violent scene from inside a public school when a trans-identified male student brutally beat a female student for opposing his presence in the female bathroom. 

The male can be seen pulling the girl from the women’s restroom by her hair and throwing her to the floor where ehe begins to thrash and kick her repeatedly.

The fight purportedly had broken out after the girl expressed discomfort with the male’s presence in the restroom.

The violence continued until another student stepped in and pulled the trans-identified male away from the girl, who quickly got up and began yelling “você nāo é mulher!” – or, “you are not a woman!”

The footage went viral, and attracted the attention of prominent Brazilian politicians, journalists, and influencers.

Sabrina Campos, a columnist with Brazil’s Journal DR1, wrote in response to an upload of the video: “What is evident to me is that a thin transvestite with the physical appearance of strength similar to the girl’s [still] demonstrated ease in [beating] her with a force so superior that only another boy was able to stop him.”

Brazilian feminists have become increasingly outspoken on issues related to gender identity in recent years, but not without backlash.

In June, a Reduxx exclusive revealed one Brazilian feminist influencer was being charged with five counts of a hate-based crime after she called a transgender politician a “man.” Isabela Cêpa had made her comments after hearing that the most-voted for “woman” in the November 2020 regional elections was a biological male.

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Reduxx Team
Reduxx is your stop for pro-woman, pro-child safeguarding news and opinion that goes outside the mainstream narratives.