Brazil’s Top “Female Gamer” Is A Trans-Identified Male Now Accused Of Sexting With A Minor

A professional League of Legends player in Brazil has stepped down from his esports association following allegations he was sexually predatory towards a minor.

On December 14, Alessandro Ribeiro announced he was resigning from Brazilian esports organization paiN Gaming Female. Ribeiro, better known by his gaming handle “Flower Gardens,” had been awarded the “MVP female gamer” by League of Legends Sports Brazil earlier this month.

Ribeiro’s resignation was tendered following the leak of Discord chat logs showing that he had been sending intimate messages to a 14-year-old.

Screenshots of the conversations between Ribeiro, 21, and the victim were posted to Twitter in which he is seen telling the child he could “use” her “all night,” and that he would tie her up and “play” with her “little body, part by part.”

“Flower” being awarded the MVP “Female Gamer” award on December 1.

Disturbingly, Ribeiro reportedly requested the child call him “daddy,” despite identifying publicly as a “woman” and participating in women’s esports divisions.

After the messages were leaked, internet sleuths quickly uncovered private Twitter accounts belonging to Ribeiro which prominently featured and shared animated child pornography. The images, drawn in a Japanese cartoon style, were primarily graphic depictions of little girls being penetrated by grotesquely large male genitalia.

Shortly after the screenshots began circulating on Brazilian social media, Ribeiro addressed the accusations on his Twitter, and announced he was going to resign from paiN Gaming in order to spare his teammates damage to their reputations.

In his short thread, Ribeiro did not deny he had been in sexual contact with the 14-year-old, but instead deferred to Brazilian laws, claiming “a crime did not happen.” The age of consent in Brazil is 14 years old, with no restrictions on sexual activity or age of partner.

Ribeiro said the screenshots of his conversations with the minor were shared without “consent” and in “bad faith” as an attempt to “support a stereotype that often links pedophilia to the trans community.” He also complained about people questioning his gender identity, likely in reference to him having asked the child to call him “daddy.”

Ribeiro suggested he was going to take legal action against those making transphobic comments about him in wake of the leaks.

Communicating through a third party on Twitter, the minor victim has said she is not pursuing criminal charges against Ribeiro due to concerns for her family, and has said she had no “emotional capacity” to process this incident at the present time. Screenshots of the victim’s conversations with Ribeiro were initially uploaded to social media with her consent, but she has since asked for some of the more graphic conversations featuring highly sexual content to be removed for her own wellbeing. Reduxx has chosen not to reproduce the images here out of respect for her wishes.

The revelations regarding Ribeiro’s communications with the child come just two weeks after he was named the top “female” gamer in Brazil in a competition held by Brazil’s national League of Legends championship organizer. The competition was sponsored by Riot Games, a major video game developer, and Santander Bank of Brazil.

Of the three gamers nominated to the top spots in the women’s category by League of Legends eSports Brazil, all were trans-identified males.

Around the same time, Ribeiro was one of three nominees selected for the Premio eSports Brazil 2022 Breakthrough Female Athlete award. Of the three selected, only one was a woman.

The three nominations for Premio eSports Brazil’s 2022 Breakthrough Female Athlete.

Both competitions faced heavy scrutiny from Brazilian women, many of whom took to Instagram to voice their amusement.

“Where’s the female players?” One user asked beneath League of Legends eSports Brazil’s announcement of their top three picks, her comment echoed by dozens of other responses.

“Inclusion that excludes females from their hard-won spaces… Pure misogyny,” another wrote.

The parent organization of paiN Gaming, Ribeiro’s former professional gaming organization, refused comment to MCG Brazil and said they would not be putting out a statement on what had happened.

The controversy surrounding Ribeiro is just the latest in what appears to be a spike in incidents out of Brazil related to the impact of gender ideology.

Last week, footage out of the University of Brasília (UNB) began to circulate on social media, the clips showing a bearded male who identified as a “woman” violently screaming at a female student following a bathroom confrontation. The female student had questioned the man’s presence in the women’s restroom, resulting in the trans-identified male going on a rampage against her which culminated in an assault. The female student spoke to Reduxx and stated that, despite having been physically battered by the trans-identified male, trans activists on the campus were calling for her expulsion from the university for having questioned the man’s presence in the women’s restroom.

Just weeks prior, Reduxx revealed that a female gym owner in Anápolis, Brazil was being criminally charged after refusing to provide a membership to a trans-identified male who sought to use her women’s-only exercise facility.

In October, Glamour Brazil awarded a male social media influencer “Woman of the Year,” even though that influencer had previously claimed that women “do not exist.”

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Isabella Cêpa
Isabella Cêpa
Isabella is a guest writer for Reduxx. She is a prominent feminist activist and influencer from Brazil, known for her outspoken stance on women's sex-based rights. Isabella is a vocal advocate for survivors of domestic violence and is currently getting her degree in Criminology. Earlier this year, she announced she was facing criminal charges for calling a transgender politician a "man."