North Carolina Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Reportedly Operated On 14 Year Old “Transgender” Patient

Girls as young as 14 have had elective double mastectomies at a cosmetic surgery clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina, prompting outrage from members of the public.

On April 8, screenshots began circulating on Twitter showing “before and after” photos of young girls who had undergone “top surgery” — a voluntary removal of both breasts as part of “gender affirming” transgender care, sometimes also including the removal of the nipple. The screenshots, which were captured by Twitter user @SherriBissel and posted by Blaze TV host Sara Gonzales, had patient ages as young as 14 listed.

The youth appear to have been patients of The Cosmetic Concierge, a plastic surgery clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The photos appear to have been removed from the clinic’s website. The most recent archive version of the “before and after” page, dating January 22, reveals the photos had been present on the site at the time, but had disappeared shortly after.

In the clinic’s FAQs, a note on underage surgeries is included under an information panel on transgender surgeries.

“When considering gender confirming procedures for patients under the age of 18, we do require the consent of a parent or guardian along with the recommendation of a therapist,” it reads, noting that for individuals above the age of 18 “informed consent” is used, and no documentation is required to clear an individual for surgery.

The surgeon behind the procedures is ex-air force doctor Hope Sherie, whose specialty appears to have recently pivoted towards “gender affirming” surgeries targeted at transgender people, specifically females who identify as men.

Through her clinic, Sherie has provided sponsorship to Point of Pride, a non-profit which provides financial assistance to youth who identify as transgender. The charity also offers free binders to young girls, explicitly noting that there is no age requirement to fill out their form and submit a request for a breast compression garment. While the FAQs do note that youth under the age of 13 must have parental consent, Reduxx found the form allows the user to self-declare age with no verification required.

After posting the screenshots, Blaze host Sara Gonzalez called on North Carolina’s GOP to “make it stop,” tagging the party in her post. Others in her reply section demanded stricter regulations on “gender affirming” surgical interventions — something which may become a reality soon thanks to the North Carolina GOP’s new supermajority.

Last week, the NCGOP filed five Senate bills, some of which which would seek to ban the medical transitioning of minors. The move came after the GOP was able to get a supermajority made possible by the floor crossing formerly Democrat representative Tricia Cotham.

Cotham announced she was changing her party affiliation on Wednesday, but cautioned that she would not be “pigeonholed” into voting in step with every Republican issue, meaning the GOP may still have to solicit support from across the aisle to pass bills.

Prior to being elected, Cotham ran on a platform of being pro-LGBTQ+ and opposing past legislation on single-sex spaces. Her 2022 campaign website, which was taken down following her floor crossing, stated her commitment to “stand strong against discriminatory legislation” and “work to pass more protections” for LGBTQ+ North Carolinians.

Cotham’s decision to leave the Democrat party came after she says she was heavily criticized for having used the American flag and praying hands emoji on Twitter. Cotham says she received personal attacks from Democrats over her use of the American flag, stating at a press conference: “Democrats have been “blasting me on Twitter, calling me names, coming after my family, coming after my children.”

The surgical transitioning of youth who claim to be transgender has been at the forefront of the debate surrounding gender ideology, with many expressing concerns that minors may experience regret if allowed to undergo permanent, body-altering procedures early in life. Over the past few years, several advocates calling themselves “detransitioners” have risen to widespread prominence after coming forward with information about their experience having been rushed through medical transition.

Last year, Reduxx reported that a Florida lawyer was making an effort to file a formal complaint with the Florida Attorney General regarding “gender surgeon” Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher on the basis of deceptive and unfair practices.

Kendra Parris of Parris Law in Orlando, Florida told Reduxx that she was seeking information on past patients of Dr. Gallagher after hearing reports of potentially unethical, improper behavior from the surgeon, including that she had been advertising cosmetic and ‘gender affirming’ surgeries directly to minors on social media.

Gallagher, a Miami-based plastic surgeon, rose to internet fame after making quirky TikToks aimed at minors, primarily girls, pursuing “gender affirming” procedures. She became most associated with her infamous catchphrase “yeeting the teets,” a flippant, joking way to refer to performing cosmetic mastectomies, or breast removals, to her primarily underage female audience. Reduxx had previously reported that Dr. Gallagher had allegedly performed a mastectomy on a 13-year-old girl. 

Dr. Gallagher was also the subject of controversy after photos from her Facebook began to circulate on Twitter, showing the grinning surgeon standing next to one of her patients. The patient was ostensibly a very young woman whose body was littered in what appeared to be self-harm scars.

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Reduxx is your stop for pro-woman, pro-child safeguarding news and opinion that goes outside the mainstream narratives.

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Reduxx Team
Reduxx is your stop for pro-woman, pro-child safeguarding news and opinion that goes outside the mainstream narratives.