Spanish Community Apologizes to Parents for Sexually-Charged Youth Summer Games

A small community in Spain has issued a formal apology to parents for hosting a disturbing summer event in which children were exposed to highly sexual “games.”

The event, which took place on July 22 in Vilassar de Mar, a small municipality in Catalonia, included activities in which children were instructed to imitate sexual positions taken from the Kama-sutra with each other, form genitals from play-dough, and learn about hardcore drugs.

The city’s youth department had organized the event, known as a “gimcana” – a boisterous summer event involving a series of playful challenges. The Vilassar de Mar gimcana was called  Juliol Jove, and targeted at youth as young as 12, but allowed adults up to 30 years of age to participate.

Play-dough genitalia made during the event with the children. Photo Source: Instagram.

Parents dropped their kids off at the event, anticipating a day of fun-filled activities for their children overseen by council professionals, but were horrified to learn of what their kids had been exposed to throughout the course of the activities.

As previously reported by Reduxx, amongst the disturbing “games,” it was discovered that the children had been taught to place condoms on bananas, which they doused in honey and cream before licking. They were shown how to model genitals from play-dough, and even had a “game” in which they learned about positions from the Kama-sutra.

Young girls holding up up cards with positions from the Kama Sutra. Photo Source: Instagram

In another game, a balloon was placed between two children, who were then told to simulate sexual thrusting against each other until it popped.

In addition to sexual activities, the kids were also taught about hardcore drugs in a game called “injected or inhaled,” during which they had to match the illicit substance to their method of consumption. If they answered incorrectly, a sticky, white paste made of water and wheat starch was poured on them.

Disturbingly, multiple mothers reported that they had found photos of their children performing the inappropriate activities had been uploaded to social media without their consent.

After the news broke, one mother told  La Vanguardia, “We feel unprotected, these people have done what they wanted, going over the line.” Another mother expressed concern that content featuring her 13-year-old daughter in highly sexual positions could be disseminated amongst predators.

“We do not know if recordings of the children made by anyone may be circulating,” she said. “[sic] What assurance do we have that they are not in the hands of pedophiles?”

Shortly after the news went viral, the City Council of Vilassar de Mar issued a statement defending the activities, justifying the children’s exposure to the highly sexual “games” by asserting that minors are often exposed to pornography at a young age.

“We have detected that teenagers aged 11, 12, 13 watch pornographic content and build an image of sexuality based on what they see in porn … We try to break this dynamic by being open to talking about these issues so that they can share them with adults and try to prevent them from building a sexual imaginary with sexist, violent and unhealthy attitudes,” the statement read.

On September 9, the City Council of Vilassar de Mar formally apologized to the community’s parents for the event. An Ombudsman had been established to determine the best methods of resolution, and the Council is currently working through implementing the recommendations set forth by the internal investigation into the event.

According to a statement released by the City Council, the mayor of Vilassar de Mar, Damià del Clot, will be meeting individually with willing parents who wish to discuss the resolutions the Ombudsman has recommended.

The Ombudsman reportedly set forth several suggestions to ensure the mistakes of the “gimcana” would not be repeated, including the implementation of policies so that photos of children would not be taken and disseminated on social media without parental consent.

“[sic] The City Council would like to thank the Ombudsman for acknowledging the council’s [desire] to work on the sexual education of children and young people in the municipality, and admits that mistakes have been made in the implementation of the [event].”

In their statement, the City Council suggested it was still seeking ways to provide “sexual education” to the community’s children.

Last week, the resignation of Montse Gual, the leader of the council’s youth department and the administrator who had overseen the sexually-charged July event, was finalized.

Gual had initially defended the “games,” claiming the activities had been intended to be used as childhood sexual education. Gual had been in office since 2017, and her post is currently vacant.

In August, community parents had claimed they were planning on suing the municipality over the event, but no updates on the potential lawsuit, including if it is going forward, have been announced.

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Anna Slatz
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