“Please Don’t Come For My Kids”: TikTok Creator Who Criticized Non-Binary Influencer Is Threatened By Trans Activists

A popular TikTok comedian has reported that she received a disturbing threat against her family following a series of videos she posted criticizing non-binary activist Jeffery Marsh for allegedly inviting minors to communicate with him privately.

On March 12, Shumirun Nessa, known by her TikTok handle @therealoverloadcomedy, shared a video with her 7 million followers stating that she had received an email from someone threatening both her and her children. Teary-eyed and distressed, Nessa explained how she was particularly frightened because the email contained intimate details on her location, her children, and her children’s daily school routine.

“They had given the school details and everything,” Nessa explained in the TikTok video, noting that it wasn’t coincidence due to the amount of information the sender had on both of her daughters.

“Please don’t come to my house,” Nessa begged the harassers before apologizing for posting about Marsh. “Please don’t come for my kids,” she said again.

In her emotional video, Nessa explained how multiple trans activists have been waging a harassment campaign against her and her family. Nessa, who is Muslim, stated that one of the harassers had found an old photo of her without her hijab and posted it on TikTok.

Nessa has also deleted all of the videos she made on non-binary activist Marsh, pleading for an end to the harassment campaign she has been experiencing.

These most recent threats against Nessa are just the latest escalation following a series of videos she did criticizing Marsh’s content. In her first video on the subject, dated February 22, Nessa took issue with Marsh’s “therapeutic services,” some of which appear to be geared towards minors. In multiple videos, Marsh speaks directly “to the kids,” and often lashes out at families who don’t sufficiently affirm their children’s gender identity or sexuality. Marsh has drawn criticism in the past for telling his audience to go “no contact” with their families, and has repeatedly encouraged some to accept that their “parents screwed up.”

But what has drawn the most criticism has been Marsh’s use of Patreon to initiate private communications with his audience. For just $6 per month, subscribers to Marsh’s Patreon are invited to a “private community” which has direct engagement with Marsh.

Nessa first drew trans activist ire after taking issue with this method, humorously telling Marsh to “stop telling kids to go on your Patreon and chat to you privately without their parents knowing.” Despite it being a very mild criticism, Nessa was hit with an outrage campaign from furious trans activists who branded her “transphobic” for telling Marsh to stay away from children. Nessa would later follow her first video up with a few more showing examples of Marsh speaking directly to minors in his videos, a claim the activists initially claimed Nessa had fabricated.

Many trans activists also slammed Nessa for “wrongfully” implying Marsh was grooming children and accusing her of putting his life in danger. On TikTok, Nessa was hit with a wave of racist and sexist abuse, with some commenters calling her a “token for white supremacists” despite being a Muslim woman of Bangladeshi heritage.

Nessa made a few more videos on Marsh, at first standing firm by her stance that it was inappropriate for an adult to be speaking to other people’s children. But on March 3, Nessa reported that her car had been vandalized in apparent retaliation for her opinion on Marsh.

All of Nessa’s videos on Marsh have since been deleted as the creator stated she did not want to draw further abuse towards her and her family.

Nessa is not the first to criticize Marsh for his behavior towards minors on social media. Earlier this month, one woman claimed that her child’s school had sent an email to parents warning them of his content, ostensibly due to him inviting his audience to engage in private communications with him.

As a result of his often-negative spin on families and parents, some social media users have branded Marsh a “groomer” and “creepy.”

Marsh’s videos have been featured on Twitter account @libsoftiktok and have even made it to Tucker Carlson’s popular program. Conservative influencer Matt Walsh has similarly called Marsh a “cult groomer” and a “professional groomer” on his Daily Wire show, yet none of the people calling Marsh out seem to have received as much backlash as Nessa, a mother who lives in England with her children.

Despite the onslaught of abuse, many women have taken to social media to support Nessa. As well as racking up nearly 350,000 likes on TikTok, her video has been reposted on Twitter numerous times by users outraged about what is happening to her family.

Afte her video went viral, many users began tweeting with the hashtag #IStandWithShumirunNessa to express their support.

“Jeffrey Marsh, as we can see by his online content, is a deeply disturbing man. @shumirunnessa pointed this out. For this, she has received threats with details of her children’s schools. Her car has been damaged. Marsh and supporters are misogynists. #IStandWithShumirunNessa,” tweeted feminist author Julie Bindel.

Another user, Louise Woodward-Styles, created a series of digital art for people to share featuring a photo of Nessa with the words “She Speaks For Me” and the hashtag.

“It’s as obvious as the nose on your face that Jeffrey Marsh’s content, in particular the stuff about ‘going no contact’ with parents, raises huge child protection concerns. For pointing this out, @shumirunnessa and her family have been threatened. #IStandWithShumirunNessa,” tweeted author Milli Hill.

Nessa is not the first woman to receive backlash for expressing views critical of trans activism or gender ideology, especially where its impact on children is concerned.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has been the subject of immense abuse after taking a stance in support of women’s rights and against the medical transitioning of young people. For her positions, Rowling has received multiple brazen death threats, including from an Irish activist who threatened her with a pipe bomb, and, most recently, from a Scottish man who expressed his desire to bludgeon her to death with a hammer.

In February, Reduxx reported on the case of a mother who was threatened with arrest after attempting to protect her child from what she perceived to be a predatory man in the women’s changing area at the Aquatic Centre in Nanaimo, Canada.

Janayh Wright, a photographer and mother of three, spoke to Reduxx about her encounter with the man, one she says she had heard about from other parents before interacting with herself. On February 3, Wright says she was in the women’s locker rooms with her young daughter when she witnessed the man peep under the stall into the one where her child was getting undressed.

Wright immediately confronted the man, pulling him out of the changing room and telling him he should not be trying to watch young girls change.

Despite acting out of a desire to protect her child, Aquatic Centre staff threatened to have Wright arrested for removing the man from the changing room. Wright then called the police herself and reported the incident, which is still under investigation.

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Shay Woulahan
Shay Woulahan
Shay is a writer and social media content creator for Reduxx. She is a proud lesbian activist and feminist who lives in Northern Ireland with her partner and their four-legged, fluffy friends.