Las Vegas Strip Club Hiring “Ukrainian Strippers”

A strip club is Las Vegas is sparking discussion and disbelief after apparently taking advantage of the crisis in Ukraine to advertise for hiring Ukrainian refugee women.

On May 8, Sputnik reporter Wyatt Reed posted a photo to Twitter of the mega-signage outside of Little Darlings, which describes itself as the “consistently voted the #1 adult club in Las Vegas.” Reed captioned the snap, “the West’s “solidarity” with Ukraine truly has no limits.”

The sign, which is clearly visible from the Nevada Interstate 15, read “Now Auditioning Ukrainian Strippers,” on a Ukraine-flag backdrop, and a sub-caption that said “We Stand With Ukraine.”

Wyatt’s tweet has since wracked up thousands of likes, with many users expressing disbelief as to whether the signage was real, or just a distasteful meme.

But Las Vegas residents have been reporting seeing the sign since mid-April, with multiple posts on Reddit showing different pictures confused onlookers have snapped of it.

On April 15, Reddit user u/Bubbalicia posted a photo of the sign taken during the day from the Interstate 15 to the r/AwfulEverything community, wracking up over 1,700 ‘upvotes’ and sparking discussion in the replies.

“This club is known for hiring girls that are 18-21, we all know it’s a total sleazefest. This is nothing new,” one user replied, with another saying: “This is very immoral, basically increasing human trafficking since Ukrainian woman are at their most vulnerable.”

While most users were quick to understand the problems inherent in the signage, some attempted to write it off as a facet of consensual ‘sex work.’

“Classic conservative, calling any kind of sex work sex trafficking,” u/Arkenheim wrote in response to a user who called Little Darlings’ actions immoral, going on to say: “It just gives them more opportunity and there must be a decent-sized Ukrainian population there (Vegas?), it’s not like they are forcing anyone to strip for them. We are all prostitutes really, we just sell different parts of ourselves.”

This isn’t the first time Little Darlings has turned heads with its signage, with the club being notorious for advertising for high school and college students. It also came under widespread scrutiny after it refused to shut down in March 2020 at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. It then began offering “drive-thru strip shows,” and advertising “coronavirus free lap-dancers.” Despite being an adult club, Little Darlings does not serve or allow alcohol on the premises in order to maintain its ability to hire the youngest women legally possible.

As Reduxx has previously reported, Google searches for terms such as “Ukrainian girls,” “Ukrainian porn,” and “war porn” spiked during the first week of the conflict. Likewise, the top trending searches on PornHub included “Ukraine” and “Ukrainian girl.” Other porn sites like XVideos also saw marked increases, with tags such as “Ukraine teen” and “Ukraine prostitute” adding thousands of new videos in those categories.

The surge in fetishization of Ukrainian women has continued in nations like Ireland, where some escort sites have reported a 250% increase in men seeking women of Ukrainian origin

In March, a transgender-run “sex work” organization in Germany was slammed for soliciting Ukrainian women who might be interested in entering the country’s legal sex trade, with a brothel in Austria offering accommodation to Ukrainian women and children shortly after.

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Hannah Berrelli
Hannah Berrelli
Hannah is a contributing journalist and opinion writer at Reduxx, with a particular focus on lesbian advocacy, gender identity, and pornography. A British-Canadian Marxist, she lives with her partner in the United Kingdom.